Dignifying tableware for the elderly

We were tasked to design a tableware line that would empower the elderly and disabled to eat independently and bring back joy to mealtime.

As age advances, some seniors experience discomfort or fear when engaging with certain tasks. Simple daily activities, such as dining, can become a significant chore and be increasingly cumbersome. SANOWARE meets a variety of special needs encountered by the elderly and those with disabilities, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, visual impairment and stroke victims, whether at home or in an assisted care facility.

Each item in this tableware solution is designed to be functional, beautiful and affordable. Made to help improve quality of life and maintain a sense of independence, by designing discrete features, so as not to look or feel ‘assistive’.

We spent considerable time researching and working with elderly centers to analyze the various conditions and disabilities this market faces. Emotional and economic realities played a big role in the final product design. We also developed the brand to fit the market segment.





Innovative cutlery and a deeper set plate enhance the dining experience for those that struggle with it

We designed the drinkware to be easy to hold and slip-proof

SANOWARE is a complete tableware solution that is affordable, useful and dignifying.