Heart Aid

Home emergency device for heart attack victims.

Heart Attacks are a leading cause of death worldwide, and over 70% of them occur at home. And more than 90% of these cases do not make it, as the rescuer has less than 5 minutes to react before brain damage occurs. We designed an emergency response device that empowers anyone (without medical training) to rescue a heart attack victim. Through clever ergonomic features and familiar technologies, it can increase chances of survival drastically. By countering the state of panic most people experience while tending to a heart attack victim, Heart Aid’s intuitive features allow even an elderly person to perform CPR & defibrillation to the victim within minutes of the attack; reducing errors, saving time, and, in doing so, saving lives.

After years of research and development and studying the emotional and physical limitations our bodies can face in a state of panic, we’ve created a solution with unprecedented features such as a two-way video call with a trained paramedic to guide the user in every step.

Key Features

  • Calls paramedics automatically when powered on with GPS to identify location.
  • Two way video call with trained professional to guide and support the user.
  • CPR is simplified with a neck rest and a compression pad.
  • AED can be done without the removal of garments.



Twelve Degrees

Awards & Mentions
  • Red Dot Design Award: Concept, Winner, 2012
  • A’Design Award, Silver Award Winner, 2012
  • Spark Award, Winner, 2011
U.S Utility Patent Granted

As simple as a pillow and a blanket, and as familiar as tucking someone in.

Prototyping Heart Aid: Over multiple prototypes and user tests, we were able to narrow down the materials to the most comfortable and ergonomic.