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Delight your customer.

It is easier to delight your customer when you have a deep understanding of what drives them. When you truly understand how they experience a problem, or perceive your product. When you understand their mindset and what matters to them most. We get you actionable insights through qualitative research studies. Because doing thorough research with your (potential) customers is what makes the difference between an ok product and an amazing product.

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We Make Products. Better. Curiosity is our driving force. We continuously experiment to create products with a positive impact.

Adopting the method based on what you need.

Getting to deep insights about what customers need, is part of any good design process. We use a range of research methods that we adapt based on what your project needs. From conducting diary studies in different countries, to testing your intranet platform with employees, to joining your customers as they shop for your products, and everything in between. Tell us what you need to learn, and we will get you the answers from your customer’s perspective.

In one of our recent projects, OXO needed a local partner to help them understand habits around cooking, organization and food preparation in the Middle East. By conducting a qualitative research study – using different in-person and remote methods with users in Jordan, KSA and UAE – we helped them reach the understanding they were after. Having this study done, helps the OXO team with their current and future product development.

Click to read more about the research study we did for OXO.
Persona's created for JordiLight and Sensate.

Getting you actionable insights.

We separate the noise from the golden nuggets for you. Normally we do so in a detailed report, or in a summarized presentation. But we can also go a step further, and translate your customer’s experience to a persona or user journey map. These are tools that help you and your team visualize your customer’s needs in a clear way, and can serve as your compass during your design process.

Twelve Degrees is an extremely thoughtful and highly skilled group whose passion for user research and design thinking further elevates their work. They are an engaging and inspiring group and we thoroughly enjoyed our research collaboration!

Mike DelevanteVice President of Product Development, OXO