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We like things that work...

…and we are sure you do too. We (re)design products, services and digital solutions that work for you and your customer. No matter the solution, people are always part of it. This means that your solution must be designed in a way where people – the end users or your customers – feel that the product adds value and is easy to use. We therefore always include the people that benefit from the solution, in the design process. This way, what you offer, works for your business and for your customers.

Whether you need support from A-Z, or only for part of the process, we are here to help.

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Elderly woman holding a cup.

Understanding the problem.

We always start our process with research. This research could include desk research and talking to experts, and it always includes user research. User research is not about getting to statistically accurate numbers, it is about understanding human behavior. We have a range of user research methods at our disposal. Doing this kind of research helps us identify gaps and opportunities for your product to have a competitive edge. The outcome of these studies will be the basis upon which we inform our design decisions.

For our Sensate Series we interviewed and observed patients during mealtime. We then analyzed their behaviors and emotional experience. While many need assistance, some patients refuse to have company during mealtime. They feel embarrassed for the hassle of using assisted tableware. This in depth understanding led us to design an award winning solution.

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Designer sketching ideas.

Creating opportunities.

When we have a thorough understanding of the problem, our multidisciplinary team starts to “think outside the box”. We identify design options and create opportunities for your business to thrive. We evaluate the ideas, look at any conditions that apply, and determine what ideas would have the biggest impact on the user with the constraints that we have.

When we worked on BlenDrill, our team let the limitations of outdoors cooking be the inspiration for an innovative solution.

Click to learn more about BlenDrill. We Make Products. Better. Curiosity is our driving force. We continuously experiment to create products with a positive impact.

Designing the solution.

This is an experimental stage where we bring ideas to life and test the (emotional) feasibility of the design. Whether the solution is a product, a service, or a digital solution, everything can be prototyped. At this stage we go through rapid iterations of the prototype. This helps us get an even better understanding of your user’s or customer’s needs and what design would fit them best. Prototypes are also great for convincing project stakeholders or talking to partners and investors.
We always collaborate closely with our clients, and make sure that we get feedback from you and your team on the direction that we’re going in. A few more iterations might be needed to have a solution that absolutely delights the users and makes sense for your business.

Jarra, our self-cooling carafe, went through many different iterations during the design process. This helped us fine tune all the details and reach the final – award winning – design.

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We Make Products. Better. Curiosity is our driving force. We continuously experiment to create products with a positive impact.

Getting your physical product ready for manufacturing.

We create designs that are realistic and manufacturable. If your solution is a physical product, it needs to be made ready for manufacturing after the design has been finalized. Your manufacturer will make small changes to the design to optimize it for production. Functionality and aesthetics may get lost. We help you make sure that your solution stays true to its design, while being easy to manufacture. We’ll continue to support you until the end.

When the design of the JordiLight device was finalized, we supported our client in his conversations with manufacturing partners. We provided feedback to suggestions made by the manufacturing partners, ensuring that the device stayed true to it’s design while also being optimized for manufacturing.

Click to learn more about JordiLight. We Make Products. Better. Curiosity is our driving force. We continuously experiment to create products with a positive impact.

Telling the story of your product.

Every great product tells a story. From the overall visual identity of your product to the nitty gritty details on packaging – we help you tell your story.

When we worked on designing the UI for Frogio, our client also asked us to develop their communication design. We created a logo that highlights the eyes of the tree frog in action. It’s peeking and catching something great! We used vibrant colors and a simple design and designed a custom font to showcase the essence of this lively and fun brand.

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Good Design is Good for Business. Companies that invest in design reap the benefits: increased loyalty, better stock performance, higher revenues, and larger valuation. And this isn't only true for large public corporations - many of the most successful startups prioritize and excel at design.

ForresterFrom the 2020 report "The Business Impact Of Design: Five Best Practices For Measuring It"