Contemporary self-cooling ceramic tableware.

Before refrigerators, clay vessels known as a ‘jarra’ were used to keep water cool. The water would seep through the walls and evaporate, leaving it cool and refreshing on a warm summer day.

In present times, ceramics are required to be glazed when in contact with food as bacteria can grow in the pores of unglazed products. Because of this, the natural cooling effect of ceramics is compromised.

By using special glazing techniques, we have reinterpreted the jarra in a contemporary design that still cools all while meeting safety standards to reintroduce people to the refreshing taste of clay cooled water.




Twelve Degrees


Red Dot Award, Winner, 2019
Good Design Award, Finalist, 2019
Dezeen Design Award, Longlisted, 2019

Jarra is designed ergonomically with weight distribution in mind – making it easier to pour and hold.

Prototyping Jarra: Motivated by the form of traditional vessels and then exploring the materiality of clay, we developed Jarra’s form.

Aluminium Cap: We chose aluminium because of its inertness to water and to complete the contemporary feel.