A biodegradable disposable plate that can be used several times

Plate-Oh is a biodegradable multi-layered disposable plate. It aims to target environmental issues including single use disposable plates that generate a lot of waste. Annually, the USA produces 2.38 million tons of waste generated from disposable cups and plates alone!

Layers of paper plates are pressed together for Plate-oh. Peeling a used layer reveals a clean plate underneath. You can peel and reuse the plate up to ten times.

Disposable plates are in demand due to the convenience they offer. With Plate-oh, convenience is offered without negatively impacting the environment. This environmentally conscious design is an economically friendly and convenient solution. Plate-Oh does not ask you to make sacrifices, on the contrary, it is still as economical and convenient as regular disposable plates. Simply better for the environment.




Twelve Degrees

Awards & Mentions
  • Spark Awards – Silver
  • Red dot Award – Honorable Mention
  • IDEA International Design Excellence Awards, Finalist
  • A’Design Awards – Silver (Italy),
  • Green Dot Awards,
  • Green Dot Awards, Honourable Mention
Plate Oh Sahar Madanat Design 2 Twelve Degrees Plate-Oh

Ten biodegradable, disposable layers reduces waste and don’t harm the environment.


Challenge: Experimenting with a diverse range of food-safe, biodegradable materials that are relatively tear and water proof.

Plate Oh Sahar Madanat Design 7 Twelve Degrees Plate-Oh