A biodegradable disposable plate that can be used several times.

Annually, the USA produces 2.38 million tons of waste generated from disposable cups and plates alone! Disposable plates are single use which is a big environmental problem. Plate-Oh! is a biodegradable disposable plate with a uniquely made of individual layers pressed together. Peeling the used upper layer reveals a clean plate underneath. The user can peel and reuse the plate for up to ten times.

Plate-oh! is a solution that works with consumer behaviors, and not against them. We did not want a solution that no one will buy, but one that will allow us to create an impact. We did this by understanding why consumers are buying so many disposable products in the first place. People enjoy disposable plates because they are cheap and minimize the need for dishes. Plate-oh does not ask consumers to make sacrifices; on the contrary, it is still as economical and convenient as regular disposable plates, but simply better for the environment.




Twelve Degrees

Awards & Mentions
  • Spark Awards – Silver
  • Red dot Award – Honorable Mention
  • IDEA International Design Excellence Awards, Finalist
  • A’Design Awards – Silver (Italy),
  • Green Dot Awards,
  • Green Dot Awards, Honourable Mention

Ten biodegradable, disposable layers reduces waste and is better for the environment

Plate Oh! Challenge: Experimenting with a diverse range of food-safe, biodegradable materials that are relatively tear and water proof.