Sand Art

Reviving local crafts through design for mass production.

Sand Art Revival transforms a traditional, local craft – sand art – into home furniture and décor items like table lamps, coffee tables, book ends, and wall arts.

It is believed that sand art dates back to the Nabateans that built the historic city of Petra. Since then, the art has been passed on through generations, where it is practiced nowadays mostly by young and underprivileged men. No new development has occurred to this art and it is now mainly sold in bottles as a tourist souvenir for a few dollars.

The main challenge we faced was to apply sand art to items that are produced in large quantities, without losing the integrity of the craft, or alienating the community itself.

Starting with table lamps, we wanted to highlight the art as central to the products while introducing new pigments and materials, such as mica, to create new color palettes and patterns and empowering the sand artists to express their art in different styles.

With an eye on sustainability and creating lasting economic opportunities for sand artists, we designed the sand art as interchangeable inserts that can be replaced according to taste or environment without the need to purchase a new lamp.




Twelve Degrees

Awards & Mentions
  • Spark Awards – Finalist
  • A’Design Awards – Gold
  • UNESCO Handmade Objects Competition – Winner 1st place
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Introducing new colors and materials to the craft.

The art can be replaced separately from the lamp to work for different interiors and to reduce waste.