Sensate Series

A plate for intuitive, independent eating.

For some people, cutting and scooping their food is hard. They are stroke victims or have a disability that forces them to adapt to eating with one hand. They have weak motor skills, deteriorating senses or a lack of focus. Sensate Series aims to empower those with upper limb disabilities. The series offers them an inclusive and dignified solution to bring fine and healthy dining habits back to their lives.

We interviewed and observed patients during mealtime. We then analyzed their behaviors and emotional experience. In the elderly homes that we visited, 20% of people used specialized ware that highlights their disability. While many need assistance, some patients refuse to have company during mealtime. They feel embarrassed for the hassle of using assisted tableware. The dining experience that we observed, was degrading, rushed and not enjoyable. This results in poor nutrition, which eventually will lead to further deteriorating health.




RAK Porcelain
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  • German Design Award Winner, 2019
  • IDEA Award, Silver Winner, 2018
  • Audi Innovation Award Winner, First Place, 2017
  • A’Design Award, Gold Winner, 2015
  • Spark Design Awards, Silver 2015
Patent Pending

Sensate Series provides a unique solution for stroke victims and people with upper-limb disabilities. The series enables them to eat with one hand independently. We designed a functional yet inclusive and dignified product that does not look assistive. Sensate is produced by RAK Porcelain. Porcelain gives it a timeless look that blends in on any dinner table. This way, patients will feel left encouraged to dine with friends and family.

Design Features

Functional, elegant and age appropriate design.

The slight edge on the inside of the bowl acts as an indicator for users with a visual impairment. When scooping along the inner wall, the edge signifies to the user to stop.

Someone using the Sensate bowl to eat soup.

A wider, smoother handle for an easier, more ergonomic grip of the cup. We designed the cup for all hand sizes. The slanted line provides pinky support for users with bigger hands. We Make Products. Better. Curiosity is our driving force. We continuously experiment to create products with a positive impact.

Cut food directly inside the plate with various cutting angles & an ambidextrous design.

Ergonomic grip for all hand sizes.

The small indent on the rim of the plate helps visually impaired users to locate the partition.

The bowl’s edge helps visually impaired users to stop scooping.

Inclined wide border to catch food droppings.

High edges help scooping.


Easy to clean without any seams.


By working directly with our producers, we can prototype more effectively.

Human-centred design at its core, Sensate Series went through multiple user-tested iterations. We Make Products. Better. Curiosity is our driving force. We continuously experiment to create products with a positive impact.

“This product is by far the best innovation I’ve seen in 20+ years. Nothing better than changing lives!”

-Jeffrey Castor, Vice President RAK Porcelain USA