A multi-functional wearable
device, designed for today’s versatile

JordiLight is a portable and wearable flashlight. The flexible silicone band is designed for modern adventurers, whether they’re hiking, camping, or cycling. It can be used as a head light, mood light, flashlight or even a hanging lantern.

We were involved in all stages of the JordiLight design; research, user testing, communication design and product design. Our client came to us with an idea, which we developed into concrete concepts for the device, an app and the brand’s communication design. We designed the JordiLight device and support in the Design For Manufacturing (DFM) phase. We also designed the app and the user interface to suit the JordiLight persona in all environments. In addition, we designed and prototyped the compact and multifunctional packaging, to suit the adventurers needs.




Robert Haddad

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Continuous prototyping led us to design the most comfortable silicone body for all users in any environment.

We designed JordiLight with all the features a modern day adventurer could need. One of them is the built in GPS and compass to help the user navigate their journey.

JordiLight easily connects to the user’s smartphone to allow them to monitor and manage all its features. JordiLight can even synchronize with other JordiLight devices so adventurers can travel as one.

jl.682 e1585757029569 Twelve Degrees JordiLight

With our intuitive app design, users can change the color and intensity of the light with one simple touch. The app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The app helps users manage their device, change the color and intensity of the light and synchronize multiple JordiLights with each other.

Screenshots of the JordiLight app.

JordiLight comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, to suit each adventurer on their journey.

2.63 scaled Twelve Degrees JordiLight