DocJo User Testing

Learning about the best ways to support Jordanian parents with monitoring their children’s health and well-being.

Based in Jordan, DocJo is a platform that connects parents with Arabic content on children’s health and well-being, as well as medical professionals and a community of parents.

DocJo approached us in their ideation and planning stage, in order to develop the features and user interface according to user needs. By conducting a qualitative research study, we helped the DocJo team reach their goal of better understanding how Jordanian families manage their children’s health, and how they would feel about using a platform to help them with it.





Purpose of the study

To research the best way to support parents in the Middle East with managing their children’s health and well-being, as well as collecting feedback on the DocJo concept.


Our approach to the study was based on collecting data through qualitative user research. We carried out the study by interviewing parents with different backgrounds. Upon recruitment, we aimed to cover enough diversity in behavior within one specific user group, for the study to give useful insights. During the interviews, we showed participants a prototype of the DocJo concept, to understand if and how the platform could best work for them.

Research methods used:

  • Create a prototype (storyboard) of the concept.
  • Interview users (guardians and parents).


After providing the families with the DocJo prototype and interviewing them, we synthesized all the information and feedback and found patterns, commonalities and behaviors that are worth addressing. These were translated to actionable insights for the DocJo team to work with before they started developing the platform itself.

“Twelve Degrees’ approach was professional, their reports were beautiful and provided us with a high level of detail. I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Houssam Shbaklo,Chief Product Officer, DocJo

To honor the privacy of our study participants, we have used different images to illustrate our work on this page. The image of father and son was made by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash.