A more intuitive salt and pepper dispenser.

Pincher is our physical interpretation of the cooking phrase, “a pinch of salt”.

It’s a user-centred design mimicking the human instinct of pinching powder, users simply pinch the lightweight silicon body to release an amount equal to a “pinch of salt”.

Pincher is composed of two compartments that combines both salt & pepper in a smaller, more compact design. A middle divider prevents the spices from mixing. Its tapered grooves ensures that the dispenser is always sealed. It can also be made of one compartment for separate spices and rather than a divider, has an end cap.

The cross-like form makes it easier for the user to pinch spices out, while also
allowing the product to easily stand on any surface. The thin openings prevent the spices from spilling while not in use.




Twelve Degrees

  • A’Design Award, Iron Winner, 2018
  • Spark Awards, Finalist, 2018
  • Audi Design Award, Winner, 2019
Patent Pending

Allowing the user more control over the flow of seasoning for a simpler and more natural user experience.

Prototyping Pincher: Starting with the pinching idea, we developed the product to not spill, stay clean and be easy to control the flow.

Aluminium is light, easy to machine and gives the product a premium touch.

The embossed P and S stop the pincher from rolling around if placed on its side.