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Industrial Designer

Role Summary:

As an Industrial Designer at Twelve Degrees you will create products and experiences that have a genuine impact on people’s lives.  You will engage in design research and ideation, create prototypes, and design looks like, works like deliverables while working with a diverse team of local designers

Once you are here you will:

  • Build looks like/works like prototypes for testing in–house.
  • Translate field and market research into design concepts that are human-centered and technically feasible.
  • Develop concepts, manufacturing strategies, and detailed CAD for innovative ideas.
  • Help brand and commercialize patented and ready-to-mass produce products.

About you:

You are:

  • Passionate about the creation of meaningful design solutions.
  • Motivated, self-starter that strives for excellence and can manage time between multiple projects and deadlines.

You have:

  • Excellent fundamentals: conceptualization, 2D and 3D sketching, rendering and form development (2D/3D) Model making.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, showing flexibility and drive to learn.
  • Strong written and verbal presentation skills (creation and delivery).
  • Strong skills using of tools of the trade (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fusion/Solidworks/Rhino, etc.).

Relevant Experience

  • 1+ years of experience in product design and development. Experience in Industrial Design a plus.
  • Experience creating physical prototypes at varying levels of fidelity: from rough sketches to fully functional models.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of mechanisms, materials, and manufacturing processes.
  • Experience with CAD modeling and photo-realistic rendering.
  • Experience in designing products or experiences that have both physical and digital components.


  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Industrial product Design. (Candidates with other majors are encouraged to apply, if most requirements are met).
  • An impressive portfolio showcasing at least two product designs that demonstrate the complete design process; from research and conceptualization to design development. The work should also demonstrate attention to detail and balance between form and functionality.

Challenge Question:

Please include your answer to the following question in your application.  Bonus points if you include sketches.

What product or experience would you redesign and how would you change it?

Application Instructions:

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, portfolio and answer to the challenge question to [email protected]. Your portfolio can include work and/or personal projects, but should clearly communicate your design process in addition to the outcomes.
*Applications that are missing any of the above will not be considered.