We move ideas from concept to reality through an integrated design process that focuses on taking factual data, combining it with a deep understanding of user needs, and implementing it into innovative design solutions that enhance the quality of everyday life.

Whether through a client or a studio driven project, our design process involves moving concepts into production, starting with market and user research, and then moving onto concept ideation, design development, prototyping, and finally user testing and production support. We aim to use all possible resources to create the best and simplest solutions that consider both the users and their environment, to arrive to products that not only solve problems, but also look good doing it.




Industrial Design from ideation to branding, which includes:

  • Product Design
  • UI/UX
  • Furniture Design
  • Medical Devices
  • Lighting Design
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Installation Design



Product design evaluation


Uncovering opportunities:
We identify problems and their root causes, and find ways to transform them into opportunities that would inspire innovative solutions and experiences.

Field research:
We go out into the field and study the market, talk to users, and explore new materials and manufacturing trends, gather data and observations in order to deepen our insights.




Global Perspectives:
We research our local market as well as international markets to cover a broader range of trends and user needs, so that we create products with global potential.  We also analyize target users, a typical day in-the-life, their motives and needs in order to capture how we can adapt a new product to their lifestyles.

Concept and idea generation:
After exploring our options and collecting data from the market and the users, our multidisplinary team works together to generate ideas on the form and function of our product until we arrive to a solid concept that meets all identified needs.

Design Development:
We then develop our concept and start our intensive design process that includes sketching, model making, computer modeling and proof testing.

Engineering and Prototyping:
After choosing the best direction to move forward with, we start to finalize our design by going back and forth between design, engineering and prototyping. Our integrated design process starts here, where we move between all our work phases from research to prototyping until the optimal solution is reached.

We get products realised faster by continuing our support to the client throughout the manufacturing process. After we have arrived to a design solution, tested and prototyped it we collaborate with manufacturers to make sure the design is implemented more seamlessly and effectively.