One Handed Tableware Set

Studio Initiated


This product provides a unique solution that enables stroke victims and people with disabilities to eat with one hand independently. Through the use of a multifunctional plate partition, the plate allows the user to cut bites of food in any size, regaining a sense of pride and independence. In the case of liquid foods like soup, the partition acts as an anchor for the bowl, locking it in place. Non-slip materials further fix the set in position, making scooping and cutting easier.

Stroke victims and people with disabilities who have only one functioning hand struggle in eating without assistance. This tableware set was designed to be easy to clean without any seams. It is practical, as it stacks and fits in any cupboard, and it is ambidextrous, making it suitable for both right and left-handed users.

We designed a functional product that does not look ‘assistive’. It can be produced in porcelain; giving it a timeless look that blends in any dinner table, encouraging dining with friends and family.


• Audi Innovation Award Winner, First Place, 2017
• A’Design Award, Gold Winner, 2015
• Spark Design Awards, Silver 2015

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