Studio Initiated

PressFit is a dynamic surface of pins that is used to stabilize objects in place. The surface is made of a springy mechanism sandwiched in between a flexible base and a layer of hexagonal pins that compress to hold an object in place, and spring right back up after the object is removed. This mechanism allows for any object to be placed on this dynamic surface and be held firmly in place to avoid falling, sliding, tipping over and breaking.

PressFit can be used in many different scenarios to fit the user’s needs, such as in a car to hold breakable objects in place while driving, or on a food tray to hold cups and plates while transporting them from place to place, especially for older users with weaknesses and health conditions such as Parkinson’s. The surface can also be used in packaging and shipping, instead of using bubble wrap and other box fillers.

PressFit comes in different pin sizes, sheet sizes, materials and colors. It is therefore adaptable to numerous scenarios and uses.